The Ludlow Maintenance Commission
& the Beach Club

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Disaster Preparedness

In case of a personal emergency, you should call 911.


If you are interested in serving as a Block Captain for your North Bay neighborhood please contact:

Ginny Munger
North Bay Emergency Team Coordinator
471 Montgomery Lane
Port Ludlow WA 98365

360.731.1225 cell
360.344.2825 home


Block Captains

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Block Captain Phone Address Email
N1 John & Doreen Fillers 360.215.4049 110 Jackson Lane  
N1 Merrily Mount 360.437.9306 or 360.301.0515 61 Jackson Lane  
N1 Art Moyer 360.437.7962 72 Harms Lane  
N2 Paul Moseley 360.301.9962 101 Fleet Drive  
N2 Denny Schuch 360.215.4065 50 Seafarer Lane  
N4 Shelley O'Brien 360.301.9102 180 Baldwin Lane  
N5 Jim White 360.302.0483 81 Evans Lane  
N6 Jim & Margie Gormly 360.437.9619 114 Resolute Lane  
N7 Keith McConnell 360.265.0819 483 Montgomery Lane  
N7 Madelyn Curll 360.437.1328 472 Montgomery Lane  
N9 Jack Riggen 360.437.0370 82 Clipper Lane  
N9 Ed & Barbara Berthiaume 360.437.0423 671 Rainier Lane  
N9 Bob & Jamie Bima 360.437.9335 673 Rainier Lane  
N9 Tom & Jean Belding 360.344.2594 60 Barque Lane  
N9 Jim Mueller 206.399.5329 432 Rainier Lane  
N10 Frederick Cruzan 360.344.8056 24 Machias Loop Road  
N11 Dennis Klain 661.901.1935 103 Puget Loop  
N11 Stephen Nieman 360.649.4480 290 Puget Loop  
N12 Bill Master (Village) 360.437.7976 10 Heron Road  
N12 Jim Kocker (INN) 360.437.7070    
N12 Steve Clark (INN) 360.270.5112    
N14 Bruce Hudson 360.437.0188 91 North Bay LN #5  


PO Box 65060
Port Ludlow WA 98365
contact The LMC (or the Beach Club)

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Disaster Preparedness includes block captains, links to preparedness information, first responders, and related community websites

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Governing Documents include all of the Ludlow Maintenance Commission's key documents in PDF, such as CC&Rs, Bylaws, Regulations, etc.

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Meeting dates and times for the LMC Board and Committees.

See the Members Section if you want more information about a committee or want to perform a committee related activity, such as filling out an architectural committee form.

Events listed are regularly scheduled events which will be held at the Beach Club and/or available to LMC Members.

A complete list of regularly scheduled community activities is published quarterly (Jan., Apr., July, and Oct.) by The Port Ludlow Voice.

P.O. Box 65060
Port Ludlow, WA 98365
360.437.0187 fax
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